True Water

Belt Filter Press Systems

With 20 years experience and more than 2500 references installed in
65 countries worldwide, is a leading designer and manufacturer 
of sludge treatment process equipment for thickening, dewatering and

As a result of continuing development today we are in a position not only to supply reliable, proven designs of the most up to date technological standard, but to offer the design, engineering and projecting of complete dewatering plants.



We have designs for the continuous mechanical dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge.

2013-03-08 10.56.55
2013-03-08 10.56.55

We have a well equipped laboratory, so we are able to
characterize many kinds of sludges and deliver tailor-made solutions
for the benefit of the end-user.

Among the Belt Filter Press and Gravity Belt Thickener manufacturers, we are fast becomming a market leader for smart
designing, user-friendly and optimum space requirement /efficiency ratio equipment.
True Water offers a wide range of Belt Filter Presses to match any plant size, keeping in
mind the following key features :
 high quality components (only stainless steel construction),
 low energy consumption and operating cost,
 clean operation,
 operators safety devices,
 easy access for supervision and maintenance,
 visual control of the sludge during dewatering.

Our presses consists of a stainless steel frame, one sludge distribution tank, one gravity draining section
one assembly of staggered ploughs to ease draining, filtering belts, compression and alternate shearing sections, one

2013-03-08 09.31.26
2013-03-08 09.31.26

automatic belt tensioning system by mechanical jack and threaded rod, one automatic belt tracking system by pneumatic jack,
one belt washing system, one variable speed drive motor, one electrical control panel (optional) and internal pipe-work and

General Belt Filter Press Components

1 - Flocculation tank with mixer

2 - Gravity filtering area composed of:
- the requisite number of drainage ploughs arranged in rows
- pre-pressing roller
- level-sensor

3 - Pre-pressing area is composed of:

- Large pressing roller used to reduce pressure and increase the surface

DSC 0318
DSC 0318

4 - Pressing area is composed of:

- a pre-requisite number of rollers mounted on beams to achieve the maximum pressing area
- automatic belt tension adjustment
5 - Shearing area is composed of:

- roller with gradual rolling up
- only one of the two belts is driven, to induce " sliding "
- all rollers are of the same diameter in order to take advantage of the rollers shifting and to facilitate alternated shearing without damage to the belt structure
- laminar takes place at the final stage.

6 - The sludge cake outlet section is composed of two articulated scraper blades

7 - Automatic adjustment of both of the two belts

8 - The belt washing system is composed of:

- two spray bars with nozzles
- one pump for industrial washwater

9 - A compressed air distribution system for pneumatic automation

EMO01549 OMEGA 100060 SC 1
EMO01549 OMEGA 100060 SC 1

10 - A control panel for automation of the installation