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    Our Counter Top water filters systems eliminate the impurities of municipal water by combining our specially built cartridges to target and eliminate specific contaminants in drinking water. This well designed system by True Water uses the most advance filtration technology together with a sophisticated and durable construction that guarantees system performance. The multi stage counter top filters is the perfect solution for families that live in apartment buildings or just for people that want to take advantage of the easy installation feature, but at the same time receive high quality drinking water. Easy to install, no plumbing required and can be disconnected in seconds.
    The True Water counter top water purifier fits any standard faucet. Cartridges supplied are of the highest grade.
    All our Countertop Water Filters Systems come with a diverter valve that replaces your faucet aerator to give you filtered tap water on demand.
    All the counter top systems below filter chlorine, chlorine by-products, Pesticides, cysts, lead, organic chemicals, bad tastes, odors, faeces and more.
    These filters get rid of the bad stuff but leave in healthy, great tasting minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.
    The True Water design delivers water from a special faucet attached to the counter top housing. This design allows you to get premium purified water easily, even if the sink is full of dishes because you don't have to fit your glass under the kitchen faucet. The wide base and swivel spout also give the purifier good stability and making



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