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Household Filter Systems

We offer a wide range of systems to connect to your incoming main water line entering your home or office; this method is the perfect solution to allow you the luxury of filtered water through out your house – faucets, showers, baths, kitchen outlets and laundry outlets, coffee machines, etc

Domestic Big Blue Filters
Domestic Big Blue Filters

The whole house filter system will also save you money in the long run by protecting your appliances, geyser etc from sediment build up and scaling. This superior system will also help to protect your clothes from hard water staining, protecting your bathroom sinks from chemical stains, your skin and hair from chlorine and chemical damages that are present in the municipality water i.e. pesticides, herbicides etc.

True Water’s Whole House Water Filter Systems are designed with oversized filters and housings to maintain the highest water pressure as possible with our sacrificing water quality. Larger housings with larger filters require less frequent services, which saves you money in the long run.


The purifier utilizes a pre-sediment and carbon block filter that is specifically designed to purify your water at higher volumes per second.

2012-10-15 14.04.22
2012-10-15 14.04.22

The pre-sediment filter improves the filtration process by removing the larger sediment particles allowing the 2nd stage filter to eliminate the remaining micro impurities left in the water improving the efficiency of the system and water quality to a much greater degree.
The pre-sediment cartridge protects the carbon block filter from being clogged up with large sediment particles allowing it to fully utilize the filtration process at a micron level to give you the purest water possible.


First stage is a sediment filter that eliminates all the larger particles including suspended solids.
Second stage is a carbon block filter for the removal of chlorine, taste, odor and chemicals contaminants at a 10 micron level.


  • Cost effective replaceable cartridges
  • 1" ports to reduce the pressure drop in your home.
  • Thicker walls for increased strength
  • 2 Stage cartridge filtration & purification
  • 1 year warranty
  • Includes all fittings and Filtration Cartridges
  • Two 20" Big Blue filter housing or two 10" Heavy Duty Big Blue Housing with pressure release with 1" Inlet
  • Outlet ports could have a 1 liquid pressure gauge to indicate a filters changes (optional)


  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Protects all your appliances from sediment build up.
  • Protects your skin and hair from chlorine and chemicals ie pesticides etc
  • Spares and cartridges are readily available
  • Nation-wide delivery

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2012-05-11 15.41.25

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