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Screw Wash Press Systems



The product range covers separation of solids from water, washing and dewatering of screenings and sand.

Meva machines are known for being robust and sturdy.

Our products have shown exceptional results in municipal waste water treatment, paper industry and slaughter houses.



All Meva products are developed and patented in-house and custom manufactured in Sweden.

Meva is a line of products which was developed already in 1990 with the purpose to offer more reliable and durable products than the competitors.

With a collective broad level of experience in the water treatment business we are able to offer over 35 years of experience in the waste water treatment sector.


Washing of fecal content in screenings

Screw Wash Press Discharge
Screw Wash Press Discharge
Dissolvable organic content are brought back to the treatment process
Major weight and volume reduction of screenings
Minimization of odour problems and disposal costs
SWP achieves DS content of 40-60%
High finish guarantees a long life time

Return of washed out organic contents to the treatment process and increase of the DS content of the screenings. The combination of MEVA Screw Wash Press and Meva Counter Pressure Screw results in a product optimal for incineration.

Due to the increased use of fine screens, the amount of screenings separated from waste water is continuously increasing. The amount of screenings leads to increased odour problems and disposal costs.

Using Meva SWP to wash the fecal content and reducing the screenings volume is advantageous for both environmental and economical reasons. Meva SWP is well suited for both smaller and larger waste water treatment plants. It is a compact and cost efficient unit, which has proven good functionality due to its simple and functional design.

Combined with a Meva fine screen, the result is an optimal screenings unit. Feeding to the Meva SWP can also be done via coarse screens, sieves or transportation equipment such as spiral or belt conveyors.


Screenings are fed forward by a slowly rotating screw. Wash water is added in the wash/press zone, where dissolved materials and water are pressed out and brought back to the waste water treatment process. The working cycle is adjusted by the control system with regard to the composition of the screenings. The detention time in the press can be prolonged by mounting a counter pressure screw after the SWP. This will result in efficient washing and higher DS content. The press transports the washed and pressed screenings to a container via a CPS, pipe system or a spiral conveyor.

Meva SWP is designed with double troughs making it very “torque resistant” for heavy operations with screenings of high DS content. The high “torque resistance” enables the SWP to be delivered with a large inlet opening. Further, the double trough allows for the inner pipe to be fully perforated and, thereby, allowing maximal dewatering. The screw operates close to the inner pipe, which results in high drainage. A robust axial bearing and a worm gear absorbe the forces from the press. The press zone is easily accessible through a hatch. SWP is mainly manufactured in stainless steel. The screw and wear parts are manufactured in highly durable steel.

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