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Triple Under Counter Systems

Our Triple Under Counter water filter system is also our middle of the range filtration system combining 3 different filter cartridges which takes purification an extra step further.


The 3 stage purification system utilizes a special pre-sediment/carbon and GAC filter cartridge that is specifically designed to remove the chemicals and contaminants found in municipal tap water.

Tripple Under Counter Filter System
Tripple Under Counter Filter System
The pre-sediment cartridge protects the 2nd and 3rd stage cartridge from being clogged up with large sediment particles allowing it to fully utilize the 10 micron and GAC filtration process incorporates an activated carbon that removes chlorine, THM's (organic matter that reacts with chlorine) and a multitude of other contaminants that could be found in tap water and improves the taste and smell of tap water.
This system is normally used in areas where the water quality is substantially bad.










On request a GAC or KDF filter cartridge maybe swopped out.
The first stage is a pre-sediment filter that eliminates all large particles including suspended solids.
The 2nd stage is a 10 micron carbon block filter used in the removal of chlorine, taste, odor and other chemicals contaminants.
The 3rd Stage is an activated carbon block filter used for the removal of chlorine, taste, odor and other chemicals contaminants.

  • Maximum Capacity per cartridge: 18 000lt
  • Cost effective replaceable cartridges
  • Thicker walls for increased strength
  • 3 Stage cartridge filtration & purification
  • 3 year warranty
  • Includes all fittings and Filtration Cartridge
  • Comes in white or clear housing


  • 3 stage filtration improves water quality three times on that of 1 stage filtration unit.
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Costs just over 3 c a litre for purified mineral water straight from your tap.
  • Can be upgraded
  • Spares and cartridges are readily available
  • Nation-wide delivery
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