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Meva Multirake Screen

Meva Multirake Screen is a mechanical cleaned screen suitable for inlet works of treatment plants, pumping stations and water inlet structures. The screen captures solid materials which otherwise would be harmful to following processes and to the downstream equipment.

Front Rake Screens
Front Rake Screens

Clogging posibility is minimized by using several rakes which are lined on a pair of endless chains instead of one rake operated by an arm. Availabe screen openings are 5-50mm, making the screen efficiently used for applications which either need small or large screen openings.

The main structure of screen is made of standard sectional or folded steel plate which is bent in U shape. The whole framework is fabricated of stainless steel.

The bars are manufactured from standard bars and mounted to frame via bolts. Bars are designed as rectangular or trapezoidal section depending on application. 

The plate is formed from steel or stainless steel sheet and fixed to upper main body by bolts. It is connected to discharge chute by welding.

The discharge chute helps captured screenings to drop to a conveyor or a container. It is made of steel or stainless steel sheet and fixed to the dead plate by welding.

Rakes are manufactured from stainless steel and lined up on to a pair of endless chains. Rake edges are manufactured from PE to prevent friction between two metal parts for large bar openings.The PE part is mounted to the rake via bolts and can easily be replaced as a spare part.

The wiper is designed to help to rake for discharging debris which are captured by screen bars and scraped by rake from discharge chute. It is manufactured or stainless steel and has a PE edge. The PE edge can easily be replaced as a spare part.

The mechanism contains two pieces of endless chains that rakes are lined up and two pieces sprocket which are located at upper section of the mechanism.

Drive system is consisting of a motor with IP 55 class protection as standard and a gearbox to reduce motor output speed and supply suitable traveling speed for rake system. It is directly mounted to drive shaft.