True Water

Rotary Sieve

Rotary Sieve
Rotary Sieve

Any plant size can be accommodated while keeping the following in mind :

 Solids are recovered for recycling
 Effluent recycling
 The above can be combined to facilitate the reduction of settling matters, suspended solids, BOD, COD in pretreatment installations

Technical Data

The central part of the system is a filtrating rotary drum with a mesh opening ranging from 0.25 to 4 mm.
Liquid enters the system through a flange DN 200 in the mid part of the tank.
Once the liquid has crossed into the distribution tank, it overflows to the outside on the upper part of the drum.
Water flows through the grid whereas solids settle and are removed by means of a scraper.
Filtrated liquid is pushed through the drum and simultaneously cleans of the filter.
An internal deflector prevents the liquid from mixing with the solids