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Waste Screening Equipment

Initially the wastewater arriving at the plant undergoes a mechanical separation step, which consists of a screen that removes larger non-biodegradeable particles as hair, rags, plastics and other debris.

The screens can be either course or fine screens or a combination of both, the purpose is however to prevent large particles from damaging downstream equipment or interfere with further treatment.

This would create unnecessary wear which could lead to process stops and higher maintenance costs.

The screenings  removed by the screen generally undergoes some sort of washing or dewatering procedure before being disposed or incinerated. This will ensure that organics removed by the screening process are returned to the treatment works for biological degradation. 

Hereafter the screened wastewater flows through a grit removal system. The grit separation  allows heavier sand, gravel, and other particles to settle out while the organic materials remain suspended in the wastewater and are carried on. Grit removal is necessary to protect moving mechanical equipment from abrasion and abnormal wear and to reduce the quantity of inorganic solids in the process basins.

The last activity of mechanical treatment is a presedimentation step where suspended solids in the wastewater are separated by sedimentation. This removes some of the work load from the following biological step. The sludge obtained throughout the treatment is removed to the sludge treatment.

Meva is a line of products which was developed already in 1990 with the purpose to offer more reliable and durable products than the competitors.

We supply and install the Meva Range through out Africa. With a broad level of experience in the water treatment business we are able to offer over 35 years of experience in the waste water treatment sector.

The product range covers separation of solids from water, washing and dewatering of screenings and sand. Meva machines are known for being robust and sturdy. Our products have shown exceptional results in municipal waste water treatment, paper industry and slaughter houses.



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