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Bottom sludge & surface scum scrapers

Bottom sludge scrapers, surface scum scrapers and other products for sendimentation tanks. Our scrapers have unique

designs which means that it effectively collects bottom sludge without causing turbulence and distributing sendimentation. The system's flexible construction suits most tank types.


Zickert products are specialised for sedimentation tanks in waste water and drinking water plants as well as for industrial applications. The Zickert line of products includes complete bottom and surface scraper systems, sludge removal equipment and covering of tanks among others.

Common for all Zickert products is their high quality for many years of reliable operation and that they are designed for easy adaption to new or existing tanks without the need of additional civil works. Many of our products, such as the Zickert Bottom scraper, Surface scraper and Basin Cover to mention a few, are developed and designed with unique features compared to other existing technologies on the market and have demonstrated outstanding performance, such as increased sludge removal efficiency, lower service needs and more reliable operation as a result, at a great number of installations

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