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Lamella Separator

The original Lamella Separator by Nordic Water is the world’s leading inclined plate settler, initially developed at the Johnson Institute in Sweden in the early 1970-ies. The

Lamella Separator is an economical and space-saving method of optimising sedimentation. It means highly compact settlers with very small foot-prints. Its success is due to a number of factors mainly the unique, patented flow control system, which represents a breakthrough in modern plate separator design and has contributed significantly to the excellent reliability and efficiency of the Johnson unit.

The feed enters the unit through the inlet pipe and flows downward through the inlet chamber in the centre of the unit and in between the plates through openings in the sidewall. As the liquid flows upward between the plates, the solids settle on the inclined, parallel plates and slide into the sludge hopper at the bottom of the unit. In the hopper, the sludge is thickened prior to discharge through the sludge outlet. The clarified liquid leaves the plate assembly through openings at the top and is discharged into collection channels leading to the clarified water outlet.

The even distribution of the flow to each plate guarantees optimal operation at a high capacity. The side entry of the fluid prevents the solids that have settled from being carried away with the entering fluid.

Typical applications for the Johnson Lamella separator include municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment. Applications also cover a wide range of industrial applications

The tried and trusted Johnson Lamella Separator models
are designed for a wide range of applications.

Pilot systems are available to develop concepts adapted for special cases.

Applications Lamella separators can be found in nearly all areas of water treatment, e.g.

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Municipal wastewater treatment- primary, secondary, tertiary
  • In chemical industry
  • In pulp & paper industry
  • In iron & steel industry
  • In metal finishing
  • In recirculating washing water in the potato and vegetable industry